Past Competitions:

It is a cool and meaningful experience for me to share my research to general audience, thanks to 3MT. Membrane-based desalination and water reuse have been playing a crucial role in addressing the worldwide scarcity of freshwater. I am grateful to be one of the researchers who are pursuing potential break through on membrane technology. I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisor, Prof. C. Y. Tang. His guidance, support and encouragement made my research journey possible and enjoyable. I also appreciate the helps and love from my lab mates. It is my great fortune to be one of the group members in membEST.
Ms Lu Peng
PhD, Faculty of Engineering
The 3MT experience served as an effective platform for telling the histories of animals and of the Philippines. Even within a short span of time, I was able to tell these two themes to a wider reach. As the first Filipino to place in the top 3, I consider myself privileged to be able to amplify our histories to the world. This success, to paraphrase the adage, requires the help of an entire village. From content, editing, and rehearsal, to the final product, I couldn't have done it without the help and encouragement of numerous people. I thank my supervisor, Prof. Robert Peckham, my colleagues at the Department of History, and to Mr CY Yau for their extraordinary support. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the countless animals gone through the annals of time nameless, exploited, and forgotten. Their histories are not that far from our own. It is to them too that I dedicate this success.
1st Runner-up
Mr Nicolo Paolo Ludovice
PhD, Faculty of Arts
It always surprises me that others are interested in my research. Not only in academic settings, but anywhere and everywhere, from meal gatherings with friends to casual conversation at church or on the basketball court. Over time, I have come to realize the importance of sharing research in parallel with the research itself. This reminds me of what my supervisor, Dr Peter Cunich, said during orientation: we are here to create and share knowledge. 3MT is sharing. How wonderful to share our findings with fellow-specialists through papers and posters. Yet, how wonderful to share with our family, friends, and colleagues through 3MT and other settings. After all, the research journey would have been impossible without them. 3MT enables one to share the finished product without them having to read the entire dissertation. It is a way of acknowledging them. It is a way of connecting with them. It is one way of finding closure for this life season.
2nd Runner-up
Mr Tim King Fai Yung
PhD, Faculty of Arts
Participating in the 3MT competition was scary at first. However, it turned out to be one of the most unique and enjoyable experiences I have had during my PhD. It was challenging as it was my first time facing the camera and sharing my research in the most essential three minutes to a highly diverse audience. I was thrilled to see the massive response to my video from all over the world (more than 3000 likes and more than 12000 views). They say it takes a village; I would not have done this without my friends and family’s constant love and support. I sincerely thank Professor Billy K. C. Chow for his encouragement and trust in me. As someone passionate about communicating science to the general public, I believe the 3MT competition is a fantastic opportunity to explain the big picture of your research to a non-specialist audience.
Online People’s Choice Award Winner
Mr Mukesh Kumar
PhD, Faculty of Science


In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing social distancing measures and restrictions on public gatherings and travel, HKU 3MT 2021 will be hosted in a virtual format (video submission).

Eligibility Criteria 
Rules and Judging Criteria 

Register HERE 

Registration Deadline: 5pm on April 21, 2021 (NO late registrations will be accepted.) 

Submission Deadline for 3-minute presentation video and PowerPoint slide: 5pm on May 21, 2021

Each registrant must also submit his/her primary supervisor’s completed endorsement form to the Knowledge Exchange Office by 5pm on April 28, 2021 to complete the registration process. Submission beyond the deadline will NOT be accepted.

For enquiries, please contact Knowledge Exchange Office by email:

Videos of Candidates and Awardees

Members of the public, colleagues and students are cordially invited to vote for the most engaging presenter for the Online People’s Choice Award via YouTube until 12nn, June 7, 2021. You can vote for any one of the candidates below. The candidate with the most “LIKE” votes on YouTube will be awarded a book prize of US$130.


Candidate No. 11

PhD, Faculty of Engineering

1st Runner-up

Candidate No. 08

Mr Nicolo Paolo LUDOVICE
PhD, Faculty of Arts

2nd Runner-up

Candidate No. 17

Mr Tim King Fai YUNG
PhD, Faculty of Arts

Online People's Choice Award Winner

Candidate No. 06

Mr Mukesh KUMAR
PhD, Faculty of Science

Candidate No. 01

Mr Islam Abdelhalim Abdelaziz ALI
PhD, Faculty of Dentistry

Candidate No. 02

Ms Yashan BU
PhD, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

Candidate No. 03

Mr Sik Kwan CHAN
PhD, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

Candidate No. 04

Ms Shihui CHEN
PhD, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

Candidate No. 05

Mr Leo Zephyrus CHOW
MPhil, Faculty of Social Sciences

Candidate No. 07

EdD, Faculty of Education

Candidate No. 09

Ms Yuanhui LUO
PhD, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

Candidate No. 10

Ms Yufei MO
PhD, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

Candidate No. 12

Ms Ren REN
PhD, Faculty of Architecture

Candidate No. 13

Mr Zhengliang SUN
MPhil, Faculty of Education

Candidate No. 14

PhD, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

Candidate No. 15

Mr Chuan WANG
PhD, Faculty of Dentistry

Candidate No. 16

PhD, Faculty of Education

Candidate No. 18

Ms Dongyan ZHOU
PhD, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine

News in Brief

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition 2021 of HKU was successfully held in a virtual format in April – June, 2021. This year 18 PhD, MPhil and PD students participated in the competition by submitting their presentation videos to compete for 3 prizes decided by the adjudicating panel. The Online People’s Choice Award was awarded to the candidate who received the most ‘LIKE’ votes on YouTube.

The 3MT was developed by The University of Queensland, Australia in 2008. It is an academic competition that challenges RPg students to explain their research within 3 minutes to a general audience. 3MT celebrates the discoveries made by RPg students and encourages them to develop the skills to communicate the importance of their research to the broader community.

The adjudicating panel included Professor John Bacon-Shone, Associate Director of the Knowledge Exchange Office (KEO), who served as the Chairman of the panel, Professor Frederick Leung, Dean of the Graduate School, Professor Yvonne Sadovy, Honorary Professor of the School of Biological Sciences, and Dr Yahong Li, Associate Professor of the Department of Law.

Congratulations to all the winners of the Virtual HKU 3MT Competition 2021. They are:

Name: Ms Lu Peng
PhD candidate in the Faculty of Engineering
Presentation Title: A Bubble within a Membrane, a Drop from the Ocean
Primary Supervisor: Professor Chuyang Tang

1st Runner-up 
Name: Mr Nicolo Paolo Ludovice
PhD candidate in the Faculty of Arts
Presentation Title: Epidemic Villains? Animal Histories in Human Health
Primary Supervisor: Professor Robert Peckham

2nd Runner-up
Name: Mr Tim King Fai Yung
PhD candidate in the Faculty of Arts
Presentation Title: The Theory of Everything in Chinese Christianity
Primary Supervisor: Dr Peter Anthony Cunich

Online People’s Choice Award Winner
Name: Mr Mukesh Kumar
PhD candidate in the Faculty of Science
Presentation Title: Why Endure Allergies When You Can Cure Them?
Primary Supervisor: Professor Billy Kwok Chong Chow

The HKU 3MT Competition was jointly organised by the Graduate School and KEO.

2021 Virtual Asia-Pacific 3MT Competition

The 2021 Virtual Asia-Pacific 3MT Competition will be held in September – October 2021 by The University of Queensland (UQ). Doctoral students representing 54 universities across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore will compete in this competition.

The Champion of the 2021 HKU 3MT Competition, Ms Lu Peng, PhD candidate in Faculty of Engineering, will represent HKU in the 2021 Virtual Asia-Pacific 3MT Competition.

8 finalists and the People’s Choice winner will enter the Virtual Asia-Pacific 3MT Final to be held on October 20.

Please click here for more details.